Made from 100% Arabica. The aroma is complex. Deep with tangy notes of coffee. Mild bodied, yet pleasantly intense. This is uplifting. The perfect start to anyone's day. Freshly packed and sealed. Normal range of caffeine.

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Determined to find a tea solution that didn't force a choice between quality and convenience.  Java Sticks founders embarked on a year-long journey of research and trials. And then Java Sticks was born! The modern packaging takes the tea experience to a whole new level.

No more waiting in line. No more expensive machines. No more compromising on quality and taste. Just absolute Java Stick bliss anytime anywhere.

Made from 100% Arabica. Medium roast coffee with a perfect balance of natural vanilla bourbon flavor. Freshly packed and sealed. Normal range of caffeine.

Try each of our unique tea and coffee blends.

Java Sticks are Eco-friendly and recyclable.

100% Arabica

Each Box contains 15 Sticks
Box weight 28.5G
Serving Size per stick 8 oz.
Individually wrapped