Medium roast coffee with a perfect balance of natural hazelnut flavor. Freshly packed and sealed. Normal range of caffeine.

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Hazelnut and coffee are a classic flavor pairing and you can find it in any restaurant, cafe and store. Smooth and rich flavor of coffee with the lively, nutty taste of hazelnut to awaken your taste buds. If you are so inclined, you can add cream and sugar for a more indulgent experience. This is a perfect choice for someone who likes classic flavors and easy application. Pairs perfectly with buttery bakes goods such as croissants, butter cookies and pound cake.

Our tea and java sticks will make the perfect gift as it is both practical and delicious. It saves you time and money from those long lines at expensive cafes. Just grab pour hot water into your favorite cup or tumbler and swirl your selected stick to your preferred tastes. Sip and enjoy!

Javasticks are Eco-friendly and recyclable.
100% Arabica

Each Box contains 15 Sticks
Box weight 28.5G
Serving Size per stick 8 oz.
Individually wrapped