Made from 100% Arabica. Freshly packed and sealed. Normal range of caffeine.

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Simplicity at it's finest. For a person with more classic tastes, a cup of unflavored, black coffee is sheer bliss. The aroma is complex. Deep with tangy notes of coffee. Mild bodied, yet pleasantly intense. Combines well with cream and sugar without losing it's richness. Pairs beautifully with almond and dark chocolate biscottis.

Our tea and java sticks will make the perfect gift as it is both practical and delicious. It saves you time and money from those long lines at expensive cafes. Just grab pour hot water into your favorite cup or tumbler and swirl your selected stick to your preferred tastes. Sip and enjoy!

Each Box contains 15 Sticks
Box weight 28.5G
Serving Size per stick 8 oz.
Individually wrapped